Installation Timeline

While every project and home varies, here is how a typical project is carried out.

  1. Home visit to measure the customer's kitchen and/or bathroom.
  2. Quote delivered with 3D renderings.
  3. Customer approves their quote and pays 50% of the project total.
  4. Cabinets are assembled.
  5. Customer selects the slab of granite or quartz for their counter top.
  6. Customer prepares for installation.
  7. Cabinets are delivered and installed.
  8. Customer pays remaining 50% of the cabinets.
  9. Counter top templating for granite and quartz.
  10. Counter top installation.
  11. Customer pays remaining 50% of counter top cost.
  12. Project complete.

Prepare For Your Installation

Plan to help accommodate the installers
If you need to be home with the installers, plan to take time off, If not, make arrangements for a key and pet safety in the work area.

Please be patient
All kitchens have potential issues; uneven floors, rotten walls, and more. Our installers will address these issues and let you know if there are any additional costs.

Fine-tuning the cabinets
Our installers will make all the adjustments and fine-tuning necessary to give your new cabinets the perfect fit. To keep everyone on task and working hard, please save your questions and punch list until the end.

Your kitchen will be ‘out of order’ during construction
Make sure you plan meals ahead of time, such as eating out, microwave dinners, and so on.

Clean out your cabinets
Move all your dishes and cabinet contents to a safe place away from the work area.

Salvage your cabinets
Talk about salvage options and cabinet removal.

Unhook kitchen electrical and plumbing
Be sure to get a plumber or electrician to unhook the plumbing and electrical. Remember they will need to return later to hook it all back up.

We had a great experience with Cabinets & Coffee. Awesome price for quality cabinets & professional installation. Doc, Bridget & the entire Cabinets & Coffee team are simply amazing... top notch customer service and they follow-through with what they say they will do in a timely manner. I just can’t say enough about this wonderful team! Would highly recommend Cabinets & Coffee for any kitchen or bath renovation. We are thrilled with our new kitchen!
— Gail Penny

Frequently Asked Questions

What is full overlay?
A full overlay cabinet is one in which the cabinet door and drawer front cover the entire face frame of the cabinet box. With this, no face frame is exposed and there is little room between doors and drawers. Additionally, they do not have a vertical face frame stile between two doors. This allows for better storage, flexibility, and ease when using your cabinetry. A full overlay cabinet is considered a more custom look.

Dovetail joinery

What is a dovetail drawer box?
Our drawers are produced with dovetail joints, an age-old earmark of high craftsmanship. This produces optimal strength with the beauty of the dovetail configuration, which stands out over and above the weaker, less visually appealing stapled joint.

Do you offer any financing?
Unfortunately, Cabinets & Coffee does not offer financing at this time. However, under certain circumstances we do offer layaway plans for a limited time. Our current payment installment consists of:

  • 50% deposit to start the project
  • Remaining 50% of cabinet cost due at the end of cabinet installation (if applicable)
  • Remaining 50% of counters cost due at the end of countertop installation (if applicable)

Where are your cabinets manufactured?
Cabinets & Coffee products and all vendors’ products are not American made. They are made in Asian manufacturing facilities and assembled in the United States. We want to assure customers that our cabinets and manufacturing processes are safe and contain no formaldehyde. Cabinets & Coffee, in addition to our parent company GC Sourcing, takes pride in quality products and safe products. Our manufacturer and factory was chosen very carefully according to certain specifications and regulations. Company, employee, and customer protection is always top priority and decisions are always made with these stakeholders in mind.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, Cabinets & Coffee offers warranties on all of their products. GC Sourcing warrants all of its cabinetry with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. All other vendor manufactured products warrants all of its cabinetry with either a 5 Year Limited Warranty or a 2 Year Limited Warranty. Please ask your project manager which warranty is applicable to your purchase and for more detailed warranty information.

Our Showroom

It is always best to view our showroom kitchens in person but until then, here is a 360 degree tour. We look forward to discussing your kitchen in person.